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Driven Experts

3DBattery is a leading startup in the energy industry.
We believe in creating a stimulating work environment for all of our employees and we truly have the most innovative team in the field. From service reps to forepeople, we are blessed to have such an amazing work family. Discover the faces behind our products here.


Founder & CEO

Entrepreneur, (MSc) in Electrical Engineering from Tel Aviv University
Vast experience in project management, innovation, startup company, steering committees and consortiums with industrial and academic partners, currently, among a variety of national and international project and joint ventures.
For the past five year established in Elbit systems the forefront of electrochemical and materials research recruited and formed one of the most versatile, innovative R&D groups with leading researches. Ellbit Energy group lately got an investment of ~20Meuro



R&D Manager

Dr. Doron Burshtain holds a Ph.D. in Electrochemistry and Interfaces (Physical and analytical Chemistry), from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and a Postdoc in Nanoionic transport at interfaces from the Weizmann institute of Science in Rehovot. More than 20 years of experience in electrochemistry and nano materials, He brings to 3DB a vast knowledge and experience in leading and proving revolutionary new concept ideas and solutions, in the Electrochemistry and the Energy Storage world. Previously was a Chief Scientist, Electrochemistry (CSE) and led a Material Innovation research team, in Stordot, a revolutionary company succeeding to demonstrate a fast charging battery. Dr. Doron Burshtain  served several years as a Senior intern researcher at the Weizmann institute of science, and several years as R&D Projects manager at Haifa Chemicals.


R&D Researcher


Anica has a BSc in Chemical Engineering from the University of Belgrade, and a PhD in Materials Science from the Polytechnical Institute of Grenoble. Her core competencies are in: Polymer Chemistry – Polymer functionalisation and synthesis, surface functionalisation, and polyesters; Materials Science - Nanoparticles, nanofiber and microtube membranes, thin films, and semi-interpenetrating networks; and Analytical Methods – especially electron microscopy (SEM & TEM), optical microscopy, and rheology.

Lilach pic.png


R&D Researcher

Lilach Stram holds a BSc and MSc in Chemistry from Bar-Ilan University in Ramat-Gan (Material science, electrochemistry and Nano technology). She is an experienced researcher of next generation power sources and laboratory development. In the last few years Lilach was part of the green energy startup community, where she was responsible for cutting edge electro-chemical research and development. Her expertise lies in the renewable energy and nano-technology fields.