3DB’s technology for 3D batteries is proposed as a step change in the energy and power per footprint and volume of rechargeable batteries for wide range of applications; microelectromechanical systems (MEMS), wearable electronics, smartwatch, medical device, cosmetic products, and other small electronic devices.

A 3D nano-architecture gives rise to mesoporosity, increasing power by reducing the length of the diffusion path. 3D microarchitecture of the whole cell allows fabrication of interdigitated or interpenetrating networks that minimize the ionic path length between the electrodes in a thick cell, increase and enhance the electrode surface area to improve battery performance. Our technology utilizes unique electrode coating and encapsulation techniques, usually associated with micro scale, electronics and medical applications.

3DB’s technology for 3D microarchitecture has a porous design, which enables the utility of higher electrode area by two magnitudes of order, giving rise to energy density up to 700Wh/l and a threefold increase of the battery energy compared to standard Li-ion solutions.